EAB Services — Planning, Policy, Public Perception

A healthy ash, treated by the city, thrives in the front of a home, while in back, ash trees owned by another public body, were left to die.

A healthy ash, treated by the city, thrives in the front of a home, while in back, ash trees owned by another public body, were left to die.

McElroy Associates is reaching out to municipalities, parks, school & corporate campuses, cemeteries and other entities managing large numbers of ash trees.  Few managers have time to get up to speed on the assessment, policy and plan development tools available.  With bosses pushing for a plan, it is tempting to simply reach for the chainsaws and move on.  We can help you push the pause button and assess whether such a “plan” is cost-effective and how it impacts the immediate and regional environment.

Involving McElroy Associates prior to the arrival of EAB in your region allows time to assess, plan and communicate.  Bringing us in after EAB’s arrival still allows plans that will moderate budget impact and maximize urban forest value.  Even late in the invasion, we can help with risk management.

Development and clear articulation of a policy that allows flexibility within the management plan is essential.  McElroy Associates can assist in the process and help weave your new EAB policy into existing sustainability policies and goals.

Communication is key
Your “public”, be they voters, the PTA, parks users, HOA members, or others may think they are experts on EAB management — heck, they have a cousin that lives in Detroit, so they know that the only thing you can do is mow down trees.  By golly, anything else is a waste of dollars and you’ve just fallen prey to a scam that will drain budget dollars forever.


These well-meaning but uninformed folks can be the source of considerable media distraction that precludes implementation of optimal plans.

Communications and message management are the wheelhouse of McElroy Associates.  The story of southeast Michigan and NW Ohio does not need to be the story in your community.

  • Internally, if you want officials or staff to understand that they can save trees and money, we can help.  If you need an assessment and management plan, we can guide you through the process.
  • Externally, if you’re struggling with acceptance of a justifiable EAB plan by your audience, give us a call.  We have the skills, tools and contacts to help change understanding.

EAB moves swiftly.  Budgeting processes do not.  Don’t wait until your trees are past help.  Call (630) 803-4375 or email us today.

Policy and Public Perception Services Include:

  • Consultation with staff and elected officials
  • Policy recommendations
  • Press releases and explanatory materials
  • Public speaking

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