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Joe McElroy & Brad Bonham are strategists with skills ranging from urban planning and communications to municipal tree care, public health and sustainability.  The team is available to help guide cities, towns, educational & corporate campuses, home owner associations and other tree-managing entities through the assessment, planning and implementation processes for managing critical urban canopy.

McElroy & Bonham offer background and skills in:

  • City planning
  • Arboriculture
  • Communications
  • Municipal tree care
  • Sustainability

Who can benefit from the services of McElroy & Bonham:

  • Municipalities
  • Cemeteries
  • Public gardens & arboreta
  • Home owner associations
  • Park districts and forest preserves
  • Educational & corporate campus managers
  • Commercial property managers
  • Private businesses and landholders

More about us:

        • J. Bradford Bonham, DVM, came to arboriculture from veterinary medicine, via horticulture.  She has a grasp of entomology, epidemiology and public health that helps her anticipate how cues in preliminary research reports will likely impact boots-on-the-ground management.  After aiding her small community of Wyoming, OH, construct a forward-looking EAB management plan, she contributed to development of the white paper supporting municipal canopy conservation and the organization of EAB Risk Management workshops for municipal managers across the Midwest.
        •  Joe McElroy is an urban planner with a communications background.  He served on the Naperville, IL, Plan Commission, then City Council during the years when the community made the cutting-edge decision to conserve 90% of the ash trees in the city right-of-way.  He is well-versed in managing controversial public debates, and backing political courage with the research of trusted scientists.  He also can guide public entities in the process of managing fiscal issues and public perceptions.  Learn more about policy and public perception management

McElroy & Bonham focus on aspects of EAB research that have application to governmental entities and other large holdings of urban / suburban trees.  Even the most progressive EAB management plans should be reviewed and revised as new information emerges.  This is the team to help you achieve updates quickly and effectively.

McElroy & Bonham are experienced, versatile speakers, able to make this complex topic accessible to urban planners, city / county managers, city solicitors, elected officials, insurance pools and neighborhood leaders. They are available for presentations at your state, regional or national association meetings or sessions in your area.

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