Emerald ash borer


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The decision to offer specialty services related to emerald ash borer arises from frustration with the perpetuation of outdated management policies related to urban / suburban ash trees.  We are convinced that communities and urban land managers would seek to do better if they understood the full value of green infrastructure and the trade-offs they’ve been making.

Our partner in this work is J. Bradford Bonham, who has been working at the front line of EAB management options since quarantine and eradication were determined to be futile.

Take some time to explore these pages.  EAB management is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.  Adopting a hand-me-down plan from a colleague is not likely in your best interests.  Best management practices continue to evolve, so it is essential to review and update plans to reflect progress in the research.

You’re a specialist in something else.  You haven’t got the time or resources for the self-study required to stay up-to-speed on the details of EAB management.

McElroy Associates can help — with assessment, policy development, integration into sustainability goals.  We’re geeky about this and want to see you get the most for your urban forest management dollars.

Details about the EAB team.
Read our recently published article in Michigan Planning & Zoning News.

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