Who We Are

Why us?

McElroy Associates Inc. is a boutique marketing communications and public policy firm that provides smart, strategy-based marketing solutions that improve your bottom line. Depending on your needs, we will design a customized marketing campaign that could include press releases, media kits, perception surveys, research reports, announcements, social media, branding, website development and more.

With 22 years in the business, McElroy Associates has a solid reputation for working honestly with clients and media and directing the flow of your information through media to your customers.

We know the city; we know the suburbs and we make it a point to know you – inside and out. Based in the western suburbs of Chicago, but with decades of region-wide experience, McElroy Associates offers the quality you expect without the Michigan Avenue prices.

Who we are

McElroy Associates was formed in 1991 by Joseph McElroy. A Chicago native, McElroy has a background in newspapers, city planning and community-focused marketing. Along the way, he picked up two master’s degrees, in urban planning from Michigan State, and in public policy from the University of Chicago.

Many of his first clients were civic entities and real estate companies. Since that time, the firm has branched out, and now counts energy firms, sports equipment manufacturers, mental health professionals, insurance companies, golf courses and more among its clients.

The fact is, if you are fascinated by your business, we will be, too.

We hire pros.

McElroy Associates’ experts work with our clients every step of the way to ensure you get exactly what you need.  You’ll find no beginners getting on-the-job training with your account;  our experienced staff will  focus on your business, products, customers and issues, then develop a plan customized just for you. We like to think they are geniuses. We under-promise, then over-deliver.

We’ve been around.

With 22 years in the business of promoting Chicago area businesses, McElroy Associates is trusted by many of the top media outlets throughout Chicagoland to provide them with genuine news leads and the straight scoop.

We’re better.

That’s a crucial distinction. Honestly, 99 percent of press releases sent to journalists are deleted with barely a look.  Even if the conventional experts, your brother-in-law and your dog are telling you that you need social media right now, the fact is that it can be a waste of time if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Start doing things right by calling us.

Our Process

  1. Your initial consultation with us is free. You might find yourself getting interviewed; it’s what we do.
  1. We’ll provide you with a marketing proposal; it will explain generally what we can do for you and how we think it should be done.
  1. You decide how you would like to work with us.  Many of our clients prefer to work with us on monthly retainer; that way they always know what their cost will be. Retainer clients get a deeply customized media list –  the bread and butter of what we do.

Retainer clients also have the benefit of getting into more “Rolodexes” since journalists often ask us to recommend people for them to interview.  We also get our clients on panels, and place them in other high profile situations. And – heaven forbid – they should find themselves in crisis mode, we are ready to help at no extra charge.

Other clients want a one-off press release, or occasional assistance. We can do that, too. These clients are on a pay-as-you-go basis. It’s economical, especially for small jobs, and gives you a chance to get to know us before making a bigger commitment.

  1. Whichever route you take, you can be sure to get our undivided attention and full scope of services. We will identify your top competitive advantages and determine how best to leverage them for maximum communications effect.

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